Ongoing 35% Introductory SALE! Official Mokuru Low Price Sale! - charge, they shouted, told the city s garrison Zhang Jiatai has died in the gravel mountain. Shou Bing also Zhang Jiatian team, a list fidget cube gostwhite of words will panic God. Zhang Wenxin think of his son is followed by Zhang Jiatian out of the city, immediately paralyzed in the ground, and did not wait for him official mokuru to wipe the cold sweat, the city opened the gun, the bombardment of the town wall of the city. Some shells flying particularly noble, even across the walls, fell into official mokuru the streets of the city, in the slate ground abruptly blown up a pit Crushed stone on the air, and gravel together with the splash, and official mokuru pedestrians of the broken stump. A group of fidget cube nederland new cotton stained with blood fell to the ground, a woman squatting on the ground cover his face, issued a sharp screams. Woman is Lin Yan Nong, blood dripping down her fingers out.dare say you do not have my hand Father s blood Zhang Jiatian feel that they have never official mokuru seen such unreasonable people, angrily cursed Who is dead your father, who you look for I do not know your mother is your father fidget spinner expensive is the mother, why do you find me revenge Youth trembling raised his finger and pointed out I am now today to catch this life, but also to you to justice Zhang Jiatian a list of words, the release of the uniforms put the clothes off. The shirt cuffs up and pull official mokuru up the pull, he tilted his head quite chest, revealing the mixed ruffian phase how the non playing can not He shot his chest into Let s official mokuru go it alone, who stage fright Who is the grandson Having said that, official mokuru he did not wait for the young man to answer, take a big step forward, he suddenly hit official mokuru a punch, the middle of the bridge of youth. Youth on th.

official mokuru

roperty, since the private property to enjoy his shelter and mention, should official mokuru also bear official mokuru his bad temper. Now he saw Zhang Jiatan official mokuru dare not complain of disgusted exposed ruffian phase, can official mokuru not help but rage, kicked official mokuru on the Zhang Jiatian s stomach. Zhang Jiatai immediately clutching his nose curled up into a ball, and he did not vent, simply stand up and chase Zhang Ketian kick. Zhang Yatian curled up lying on the ground, could not rush back rub, rub the rub on the rub to the bottom of the bed. He dodged so tricky, so that the Governor did not beat him to beat him can not beat. Lei Duke this mouth foul official mokuru smell did not vent clean, official mokuru blocking in the chest, more and more expansion, so that four feet to get on the ground, under the bed of Zhang Jiatian angrily get out Zhang Jiatai replied No. His answer is so openly anti purpos.e four walls of the town. With this circle of old walls to do bunkers, enough for his soldiers to resist for a while, if it is unable to withstand, then withdraw from the north gate of official mokuru the city, and can be directly into the hot river boundary. He has official mokuru to Yu Tiansuo sent a official mokuru telegram, Yu fidget spinner 2 or 3 Tiansuo willing to accept him and his men that three or four thousand troops. In official mokuru addition, he has no way to go, or even want to return to Tianjin, Beijing are not able to. All the way is the Northern Expeditionary Army, Chen Yunji now life and death is unknown, the line of defense left all the collapse of the Northern Expeditionary Army is almost in the moment will drive straight into the Zhili. Home can not be back, his team scattered into a few blocks, was beaten by the Northern Expeditionary Army, then can not set counterattack. he a soldier will be able to win. He was just on the ten pounds of meat, watched in a week lost two pounds, this day Linzi Feng came to see him, the results just under the door of the car, official mokuru to see him with several guards came out. Today he is the uniform of the dress, the coat is not official mokuru a button, open to reveal the inside of the white shirt, shirt under the pendulum in the military trousers, waist thick, waist belt tie tight. Turned to look Met Lin Zifeng, he waved Come on. Lin Zifeng came near him, to see his new cut hair, born the long sideburn was shaved into a touch of green, pointed chin did not, he was a rich state, but added a bit of heroic man gas. A group of cars are slowly driving official mokuru from the car room after the government, in this empty when he said to Lin Zifeng I want official mokuru to travel to Tianjin, you stay in Beij.

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